Cross Timber, TX Logo

Town of Cross Timber
P.O Box 2042
Burleson, Texas


This is a reminder that tomorrow, June 12, 2021 is Clean Up Day in Cross Timber. Please participate in a day to pick up letter and trash along the roadways in our town. Also, residents are responsible for keeping culvert and bar ditches cleaned out for water to drain correctly and not run over the road.

Yearly Contribution - to support the Town. If you haven't already, please contribute $100.00 or more to help Cross Timber remain debt free and without property taxes. Please mail your contribution to the above address or use PayPal.

Photos taken at the Cross Timber Fall Festival
November 2, 2019

Fall Festival picture 1
Fall Festival picture 2
Fall Festival picture 3

Cross Timber Officials

Patti Meier Mayor
  Phone 817-929-9239

Joe Arcos Mayor Pro Tem

Kellee Ball Alderman

Mike Hernandez Alderman

Ron McCullough Alderman

Bridgette Sisson Alderman

Denise Griffin Secretary

Amy Massey
  Assistant Secretary

Mary Jo Moncrief, Treasurer

Wava McCullough
  Town Administrator
  Phone 817-295-4543

Steve West Webmaster

Marisa McCormick
  Assistant Webmaster